What we do

For any questions please contact info@yourdomain.com

Since 2011, we helped 700 of individual and companies go online. Many of them are highly satisfied with our works and grew their businesses to the top.

Our Mission

Baikal aims to help you make a good website with professional look and feel. Create a beautiful business or personal website for your works. Start creating today - what you believe. No coding knowledge is required.

Baikal has helped accomplish over 700 of its partners’ key goals. It inspires everyone to make better online presence.

— Tony Robbins, Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthrophist

What we've achieved
  • Successfully created the bootstrap 4 core.
  • Pre designed all the major elements.
  • Ensure the error free and responsive design.
  • Guranttee the long term support and updates.
  • Added the most advanced smooth animation.
  • Solved the complex in page navigation.
  • Created the most needed pages with simplicity
  • Made your life easy.

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