Adding new plugins#

Adding a new plugin to your theme is simple.Here are two ways you can do that.

Simple approach

Place your new plugin in pages/assets/lib folder. Eg: to add the typed.js plugin, we will download it from here, unzip it and place the typed.js-master folder in pages/assets/lib folder.

Using NPM

Suppose we are installing the typed.js plugin. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Paths = {
		'typed.js': {
			FROM: 'node_modules/typed.js/lib/*.*',
			TO: lib,

Here, lib refers to pages/assets/lib, where gulp will copy files from the typed.js plugin. We actually use the lib folder to store neccassary plugins

Step 3:

Run the following command:

gulp copy:dependency

Built-in plugins


Get high-quality Icons, Illustrations and Stock photos at one place

Implementation in theme - Full Documentation

Delightful and performance-focused pure css loading animations.

Loader.css - Full Documentation
Google Map#

Build customized, agile experiences that bring the real world to your users with static and dynamic maps, Street View imagery, and 360° views.

Implementation in theme - Full Documentation

Micro check plugin. Check types, regexps, presence, time and more...

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