Retrieving Old Repos to Redirect to a new URL

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Gobble the Bleep Inc
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Started : 17th Nov, 2020
Deadline : 21st May, 2028
Progress : 80%
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Shantinan Mekalan
Makena Zikonn
Meena Kumari

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Project overview

The new redirection team is happy to announce that we’ve fixed all our unresponsive URLs and redirected them to new URLs. The tremendous assistance from our support team and the dev team, as well as that of the team lead’s, this team has made an impossible possible within a week. They didn’t stop for a moment, and we got our pages working again for all the valuable users.

Join us in celebrating the massive success of data transferring and getting us a huge revenue by eating out. Free public viewing and a buffet is offered for the great team as well as for the other teams working with us. We’ll be checking out places for the best option available at hands and we’ll let you know the schedule once we decide on more

Recent activity

01 DEC, 2023
10:30 AM

Assigned as a director for Project The Chewing Gum Attack

by Shantinon Mekalan

Utilizing best practices to better leverage our assets, we must engage in black sky leadership thinking, not the usual band-aid solution.

05 DEC, 2023
12:30 AM

Assigned as a director for Project The Chewing Gum Attack

by Shantinon Mekalan

We must repurpose with SEO optimized functionalities, instead of using those over used frictioned kumbaya.

15 DEC, 2023
2:30 AM

Archieved all the files for the Project Membrane Memories

by Sharuka Nijibum

To get off the runway and paradigm shift, we should take brass tacks with above-the-board actionable analytics, ramp up with viral partnering, not the usual goat rodeo putting socks on an octopus.



768 kb| Shantinan Mekalan | 21st Dec, 12:56 PM

12.8 mb| Yves Tanguy | 19th Dec, 08:56 PM


123 kb| Shantinan Mekalan | 12th Dec, 12:56 PM
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