Assigned as a director for Project The Chewing Gum Attack


by John N. Ward

Utilizing best practices to better leverage our assets, we must engage in black sky leadership thinking, not the usual band-aid solution.

Quary about purchased soccer socks


by Edward Hopper

I’ve come across your posts and found some favorable deals on your page. I’ve added a load of products to the cart and I don’t know the payment options you avail. Also, can you enlighten me about any discount.

Onboarding Meeting


by John N. Ward

15 October, 2022

Designing the dungeon


by John N. Ward

To get off the runway and paradigm shift, we should take brass tacks with above-the-board actionable analytics, ramp up with viral partnering, not the usual goat rodeo putting socks on an octopus.

How to take the headache out of Order


by Edward Hopper

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters.

Mandatory routine checkup


by Eye before Thy Hospital

To get the bitter butter out and take the better butter into the bitter dough to make a bitter bread and broad donut, not the usual yellow butter, but the white butterless butter.

Making bad butter better


by Edward Hopper

Check how long a fish might live out of water and if you can check the pulse to see if it's alive or not though it's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings.

Launching Phoenix


by John N. Ward

20 October, 2022

To take the ants out


by Edward Hopper

Many ants are crawling into my PC and now they live in there to get highly skilled in web development and programming language that will make them earn better than the humans so that they’ll be able to buy off all the sugar out of the market.

Added file


by John N. Ward

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