Documentation and examples for displaying related images and text with the figure component in Bootstrap.

Figures on Bootstrap

Anytime you need to display a piece of contentโ€”like an image with an optional caption, consider using a <figure>

Use the included .figure, .figure-img and .figure-caption classes to provide some baseline styles for the HTML5 <figure> and <figcaption> elements. Images in figures have no explicit size, so be sure to add the .img-fluid class to your <img> to make it responsive.

A caption for the above image.
<figure class="figure" style="max-width: 25rem;">
  <img class="figure-img img-fluid rounded" src="../assets/img/generic/3.jpg" alt="...">
  <figcaption class="figure-caption">A caption for the above image.</figcaption>

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