Style your card with a different design using theme Hoverbox


Style your card with different design using theme Hoverbox

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<div class="hoverbox rounded-soft text-center">
  <img class="img-fluid" src="../assets/img/generic/3.jpg" alt="" />
  <div class="hoverbox-content bg-dark p-5 self-center">
      <p class="lead text-white">Style your card with different design using theme Hoverbox</p>
      <a class="btn btn-light btn-sm mt-1" href="#!">Learn more</a>
Change Image
<a class="color-white" href="#!">
  <div class="hoverbox rounded-soft">
    <img class="img-fluid" src="../assets/img/generic/1.jpg" alt="" />
    <div class="hoverbox-content">
      <img class="img-fluid" src="../assets/img/generic/2.jpg" alt="" /></div>

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